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Instant Poll allows you to easily add simple, fun opinion polls to your site. Polls are a great 'stickiness' feature that drive repeat visits.
  • Shows results as percentage of votes for each answer
  • Up to 10 answers for each question
  • Multiple polls - You can have as many live polls on your site as you like
  • Create categories to organize polls


  • Set an automatic expiration date
  • One-vote-per-user option
  • Automatically show results if visitor has already voted option
  • Display graph with results option
  • Set look and feel with customizable Cascading Stylesheet
  • Store polls to use again




Sports polls
"Who should be the #1 team in college football?"

Current events polls
"Should the US invade Iraq"

Entertainment polls
"Who will be America's Idol?"

Political polls
"Who will be the next President?"