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How does it work?

ContentMagic products are modular - you can use as many or as few as you need in your site. We or your developer work with you to setup your site (see details below). Then, you make changes through the ContentMagic manager.

ContentMagic is web-based software. That means the software lives on our ContentMagic servers. You simply go to the ContentMagic manager site and login to your account. You don't have to install or maintain any software. And, whenever we add new features, you automatically have them the next time you login.

How do I start using ContentMagic?

Select the ContentMagic products you would like to use, then call or email us to open an account.

Your account will be opened and username and password will be emailed back to you.

How much does ContentMagic costs?

Each product has a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription fee. We also offer several product combination packages. Please contact us for pricing.

You will receive a single bill monthly for all ContentMagic products you use.

What needs to be done to my site to make ContentMagic work?

We or your developer will work with you to determine where on your site you would like content coming from ContentMagic to appear. Then, small snippets of code are placed at those locations.

We will also create and upload stylesheets for each module for you. (See below.)

How do I control what my ContentMagic content looks like?

Each module has it's own stylesheet. We set the font and font sizes, weights, colors, etc., to match your site. ContentMagic products such as the Article Server give you rich text editing control on-the-fly as well.

Can my site be hosted anywhere and use ContentMagic?

Yes - as long as your ISP will allow a proxy pass to ContentMagic.


About Mission Data

Mission Data, the developer of ContentMagic, is based in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to content management products, we offer award winning web design and java-centric software development.

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