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The Event Calendar is a very feature rich product for displaying upcoming (and past) events important to your organization. The easy-to-use administrative interface makes it easy to update your calendar. And since it's on the web, everyone can see the same information, anywhere, anytime.

Calendars can have:

  • one-time events
  • weekly recurring events (e.g., every Monday)
  • monthly recurring events (e.g., every first Monday)
  • events with automatic start and end dates

Additional information page for each event with:

  • event name
  • URL for more information
  • event description - any length
  • Can have multiple calendars on a single site
  • Designate events as public or private
  • Click to see next/previous/current month
  • No limit on how far in future you can schedule events
  • Stores past events indefinitely (great for keeping a record of meeting minutes)
  • Customizable Cascading Stylesheet to match the look of your site


  • Churches
  • Professional organizations
  • Civic organizations
  • Company event calendars
  • Class schedules
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Scheduled maintenance planning
  • Personal calendar
  • Archiving meeting minutes